Surprisingly, Conor volunteered this #tbt pic of him and his buddy, Matt. Spoonful

Multi-grain IPA
ABV: 7.8%
IBU: 70
There are a few things you don’t know about our humble beginnings, but we’re gonna let you in on a few secrets today.

#1: Our partner, Tara, used to be our brewer’s boss at Great Harvest Bread Co. well before Birdsong was a even a glimmer of a possibility.

#2: Conor, our head brewer, was originally a baker before he took his love for yeast to the next level (i.e. brewing beer).

Back in the day, Conor and his friend, Matt (see pic above), used to work in the bakery and would tinker around with brewing supplies in their spare time. One of their creations was a multi-grain IPA using barley, wheat, and rye. Earlier this year, Matt came to visit Birdsong and he and Conor decided to recreate their earlier brew on our pilot system. Tomorrow, it’s available for your consumption.

Using the same grains they originally used, v2.0 has a subtle candy-like sweetness that Conor says is akin to the same toothsome characteristics found in a light lemonade. Paired with that is a resiny quality from the hops that complement the slight citrus flavor and mild grain traits. It’s a little higher in ABV than our Higher Ground, but you’ll find it to be a little less bitter on the forefront. It’s actually the perfect beer to share with your bestie over a bowl of peanuts.

Gimme that Dough: The Ancient Egyptians respected bread so much they used it as a form of currency. It’s also seen as a peace offering in many cultures. …Except in 1943 when, for a short time, the U.S. government decided to ban sliced bread. Find more fun facts here.
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