Walking on Sunshine

Chandra, MDLP, Jenny, JP, Tara, and Lisa (not pictured) made a beer! Try it tomorrow!

Blonde Ale with Lemons
ABV: 4.7%
IBU: 15

Last month the nation celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, which is pretty much one of the best holidays of the year. The “fairer” sex actually represents some serious ass kickers (see: Susan B. Anthony, Marie Curie, Ida Wells, Jacqueline Cochran, to name a few). The ladies at Birdsong are no exception. We’re serious kickers of butt! Ladies can do anything guys can do, so we decided to show the boys how it’s done. Naturally, we brewed a beer.

This THURSty THURSday, get a chance to go “Walking on Sunshine” with our Blonde ale with lemon. A light malt profile with some Belgian Pils and wheat malt made for a great beer canvas, so to speak. We’ve tweaked this recipe a number of times (remember Little Room?), but a tangy lemon flavor really resonated with us. The citrus hops we used were nicely complemented by fresh lemon zest for a bright aroma and a subtle zip of tartness.

Experiment with food and beer pairings, why don’tcha? “Walking on Sunshine” would go great with Libretto’s Farmer’s Market pizza or a simple casear salad if you want a lighter option. This beer’s on for a limited time, so get to the tap room right around 6p to have a glass before it’s gone!

Women Who Brew: “Brewster” is a term for a women brewer, and women were among the first to begin brewing. In 1987, Carol Stoudt founded Stoudt’s Brewing Co. and is considered one of the first female brewmasters in the U.S.! (Source: National Women’s History Museum). Lauren Salazar from New Belgium is another badass chick in the brew scene– she was recognized by Imbibe as 2016’s Beer Person of the Year!


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