Darling Nikki

Kettle-sour Brown Ale
ABV: 7.0%
IBU: 10

This isn’t fair! First Bowie, and now Prince. We missed our opportunity to dedicate a beer tribute to the Goblin King himself, but we aren’t going to let this one pass us by. Almost immediately after it was on the news, Jon made a command decision to rename his beer to honor the late legend.

“Darling Nikki” is more than just a kettle-sour brown ale. Delicious, sure, but we needed to throw in some unconventional adjuncts in there to really set this brew apart from the others. From his backyard, Jon collected tons of pecans and roasted them with the addition of balsamic to create a complex, nutty flavor that pairs surprisingly well with the sour brown base. With a cocoa flavor and sweetness, you’ll definitely find this beer to be funky and tart in all the right ways… kinda like Prince.

We couldn’t think of a better way to say thanks for all the music and memories than by serving up a beer that is as awesomely weird as he was. That being said, you might as well head down to the tap room for our 6p THURSty THURSday tapping and party like it’s 1999!

Princely Knowledge: Did you know that Rebecca Romijn (Stamos) covered “Darling Nikki” in 2005? Yeah… we didn’t either.  And, we can thank this song for Parental Advisory warnings on music. Actually.. that was Tipper Gore, but the song reportedly prompted the beginning of the foundation of Parents Music Resource Center.


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