Raspberry & Blackberry Sour
3.9% | 5 ibu

By now you probably know that something big is happening this week and we couldn’t be more excited. Pink Robots, our fruited sour with blackberry and raspberry, returns this week after a year of hibernation. SO, if you’ve been hoarding cans from last year’s release… you can let go now. It’s coming back on THURSty THURSday and it’s better than ever.

Those who are new to Birdsong will discover a new favorite with Pink Robots. This sour ale has fresh berry puree for upfront fruit-forward aromatics with the pleasant tang that sours are known for. Here’s what some folks are saying about Pink Robots:

“This is the best beer I’ve ever had in the entire world.” – a weary traveler

“I don’t even like sours, but I love Pink Robots.” – someone who made a good choice

“If Pink Robots doesn’t return, I’ll ugly cry in the tap room until you bring it back.” – a patron who, thankfully, doesn’t have to cry

Cans are limited to 1 case per customer, but you can drink a respectable amount on draft if that makes you feel better. While this is a small beer, we encourage all patrons to drink responsibly and get home safe.

If you can’t wait for some Birdsong action, why not join us tonight for trivia? Participation is free, prizes are sweet, and it’s full of general knowledge questions so there’s a little something for everyone. The game starts at 7pm, so get here a bit early to claim your table!

They’ll be Back: The advent of robots could date back to the 1400s with da Vinci’s designs for autonomous systems and his mechanical knight. Other cool robot facts can be found here.