Carolina Session Ale
3.7% abv | 10 ibu
bright | dry | floral

This week we’re winding down a bit from the excitement of Charlotte Craft Beer Week, the first baseball game of the season, and the four (yep, FOUR) beer releases we unleashed. Whew! But, of course, we can only slow down so much because April, turns out, is Craft Beer Month and that means more fun on the horizon.

Let’s start off nice and easy with Wednesday’s Go Figure Drawing, a FREE sketch and sip art class hosted by Sarah Pollock that happens at Birdsong every other week. Bring some paper, pencils (or crayons, whatever) and a love for art. It’s that easy!

Could we drink THURSty THURSday’s beer at a bar? Could we drink it near or far? Could we drink it on a house? Could we drink it with a mouse? Could we drink it with some hens? Could we drink it with some friends? The answer, of course, is yes. “Tiny Dancer” is a delicious table beer (or Carolina Session, as we like to call it) made with French saison yeast, local Vienna malt, a touch of rye and flaked oats for a light breeziness on the palate with pleasant floral aromatics. This petit brew won’t be around long, so get some while you can!

Rounding out the weekend is live music by our friends Redleg Husky on Friday night, a chilled out Saturday complete with good vibes all around, and our Spring Oyster Roast with Rappahannock oysters on Sunday afternoon! Get some raw or steamed, and enjoy live music by Troy Conn Trio.

Did You Know?: The Rappahannock Native Americans are one of 11 tribes officially recognized by the state of Virginia. The tribe is made up of descendants from many other Native American peoples, most notably the Algonquian tribe.