Brown Ale with Maple & Rosemary 
5% abv  |  35 ibu
maple syrup | smooth | chocolate

You’ve all heard this tune, but you may not be familiar with the name. Scott Joplin composed “Maple Leaf Rag” in 1899. The song has been dubbed “the first great instrumental sheet music hit in America” and Joplin is said to be the first musician to sell 1 million copies of a piece of instrumental music. Who knew?! This week’s THURSty THURSday batch is an American Brown Ale with Vermont maple syrup and a touch of fresh rosemary. This may be the first time you’ll get to taste a smooth, chocolatey brown ale with the addition of a fresh herb like rosemary, straight from Jeff’s backyard. This is a very small batch, so come out and give it a try before it’s gone! 

If dark beers aren’t your style, don’t worry because we’ve got tons of beers on tap that appeal to all sorts of palates! Try an “In Bloom IPA“, our most recent IPA Series release! Or, you can sip on one of the two variants of our collaboration rye saison we brewed with neighborhood breweries for Open Streets 704. Looking for live music? We’ll have One Paper Crane performing live in the tap room Saturday starting at 7pm. Oh, and we still have a few four-pack cans of Pink Robots in stock! Come and get some before they’re gone!

Did you know? According to Judi Blesh, author of “Scott Joplin: Black-American Classicist”, in Joplin’s will, he requested that “Maple Leaf Rag” be played at his funeral. When preparations were being made however, his wife did not allow it because she did not think it was a proper funeral song. She later admitted regretting that decision her whole life.