Mexican coffee stout
5.8% abv |  35 ibu
coffee | cinnamon | peppers

The requests just keep piling up and one thing is clear: You guys love some MexiCali Stout. We’re sorry to anyone we’ve had to disappoint over the last few weeks, coming into the tap room itching to try this year’s batch. It just wasn’t time yet!

But now, folks, now is the time. This THURSty THURSday (*cue drumroll*) MexiCali is back! This fan favorite has it all! It has spicy cinnamon. It has hints of coffee and cocoa nibs. It has the heat from peppers. All of these ingredients combine to form a smooth, full-bodied molé-inspired stout. Once you try it, you’ll understand why this has been a beloved seasonal since our early days.

As an added Halloween treat, we’re releasing a limited edition batch of Hungry Girl IPA with a special listening party of Hungry Girl’s latest album, Rip Currents, and some sweet jams by DJ Justin Aswell. These guys were the first in our beer release series featuring local bands, so we’re thrilled to have them back!

There’s also a fun opportunity to bond with Birdsong and your neighbors on Saturday morning at our street clean up! This year, we increased our adoption footprint to include not only part of Little Sugar Creek, but a section of streets that include Alexander, Seigle, and McDowell. Join us that morning and have a beer after!

Did You Know? Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a multi-day festival from October 31-November 2 in Mexican culture where family and friends celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones.