Hazy Pale Ale
6.3% abv  |  40 ibucitrus | smooth | clean

Across both coasts and even overseas, the Pale Ale been a staple in tap rooms and bars for as long as many of us have been drinking. The origins for it reportedly go back to Europe when newer technologies allowed for the production of pale malt, effectively creating pale beer. Compared to the darker beers common at the time, pale ales got their start as light-colored, more bitter alternatives to sweeter porters and stouts. And now, while styles and hop varieties between Europe and the Americas differ, one thing is for sure: pale ales are delicious.

So we’re bringing back our latest iteration of Movin’ on Up, a hazy pale ale with West Coast-style hops. It’s a classic take on the evolution of a pale ale utilizing Strata and Cascade hops for a clean bitterness with strawberry, citrus and little earthiness on the palate. It’s a beer you can drink any time for any occasion– just do so responsibly!

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