Infusion with Strawberries!
4.7% abv  |  10 ibu
lemon | tart | juicy

Guys, hey guys, this is really important. Can you help us out? We want to become America’s Favorite Solar Brewery, so if you’d be so kind as to cast your vote for us by checking out our Instagram contest, we’d be forever grateful!

If you like us and the sun and good beer, then this week’s THURSty THURSday is for you! When we first became solar official last year, we celebrated by releasing Sunshine Gose, a deliciously tangy tart ale with coriander, sea salt and lemon oil from New River Distilling. And now, as we’re focusing more and more on sustainability and those good ol’ rays, we’re re-releasing a limited tap room-only edition of Sunshine Gose with Strawberries. This infusion won’t last long, but it is sure is worth the trip! Not a strawberry fan? That’s ok! We still have the regular version on tap and available in cans.

Did you know? Wanna see what happens when the Earth cools downs in 2057? Check out Sunshine, a 2007 sci-fi thriller. Or, you can check out other “sun” movies like…. The Sun is Also a StarEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Empire of the Sun, Tears of the Sun, or Solar Crisis. Got a favorite sun- or weather-related movie? (JP’s personal favorite is Twister.)