Hazy IPA 
6.4% abv  |  40 ibu
Cascade | Sorachi Ace | Comet

Well, I guess it’s pretty obvious that we’re excited for this week’s THURSty THURSday release. People keep asking for its release date and, you know us, we’re not ones to disappoint. So, here it is: Fake Plastic Trees! 

Does it have a new label? Yep! (Aren’t those little trees cute?)

Did we rebrand it? A smidge.

Is it the same delicious hoppy wheat beer you’ve grown to love? Heck yeah it is!

So what’s new about it? Well, not much. We swapped out Columbus hops for Comet in order to elevate the dank, citrusy notes already present in the beer. It’s refreshing, it’s distinctive, and it’s pretty much the best. This wheat-based IPA has a touch of haze and a brightness on the palate that makes it perfect for poolside shindigs, patio parties, or everyday awesomeness.

This week we’ve also got some fun stuff including Go Figure Drawing tomorrow night at 7pm, morning yoga with AT&T at 10am on Sunday, and an opportunity to kick cancer’s ass all day Sunday as you Drink for a Cause. A portion of each in-house beer sale will help benefit the 24 Foundation as we lead up to the annual 24 Hours of Booty

Did you know? The art of creating artificial plants can be traced back to the Chinese, Romans, and Egyptians, who used silk, rice paper and wax (among other things). Now, the largest producers of fake plants are Honduras, Thailand, and China. The practice has become so advanced and intricate that it can be pretty hard to distinguish the impostors from the real thing. More fake tree facts here.