Citrus Ale
5.0% abv |  20 ibu
light | citrus medley

You gotta admit: a black-and-white world is pretty boring. Just think of Pleasantville before everything started popping up in color! A monochromatic world simply ain’t no fun at all, so we’re experimenting with the palette and your palate this week with “Better in Color,” a citrus ale guaranteed to put a little excitement into your day. 

Inspired by heart-shaped glasses and sunny days by the pool, Better in Color is a bright citrus ale with zesty aromas of Meyer lemon, Mandarin orange, and grapefruit. Using Kveik (pronounced ‘kVike’ like bike) yeast, this beer has a soft mouthfeel and is light in body making it a perfect summertime slammer. Check out our official FB event for more details! Since this is #brewedforeveryone, we urge you to come by the tap room in your brightest and best colorful gear!

Did you know? A rainbow arcs at a 40- to 42-degree angle depending on the wavelength of the light. They also can occur at nighttime and be in a full circle. There are tons of fascinating facts about this phenomenon on Wikipedia, including the red rainbow, which is rare and super spooky.

This Sunday, please join us for Drink for a Cause benefiting Cara’s Purpose. A portion of all in-house beer sales will be donated. You can also contribute by participating in a silent auction of local art by community artists like Jen Hill, John Hairston, Darion Fleming, and artists from Southern Tiger Collective. Auction starts at 1pm.