5.8% abv |  29 ibu
coffee | vanilla| smooth

A couple years ago, JP was given a challenge to not talk about the weather in the newsletter and for years she abided. Until now. Today’s gray skies and threat of rain make us long for warm, fuzzy sweaters and autumn breezes. And, honestly, this heat is too dang much so we’re hoping that the arrival of Wake Up Porter will usher in cooler temps and–finally– Fall.

Haven’t had Wake Up before? You’re missing out! Our porter is made with vanilla beans and the finest Sumatra Lintong coffee from our friends at Central Coffee Co. Roasty aromatics will instantly warm your soul and the slight sweetness from vanilla hits your palate in just the right way. It’s smooth and tasty like the creamiest, most delicious latte you can imagine… only it’s beer. Tasty, tasty beer.

We won’t keep you long, because you’ve got important things to do this week (like come visit us!), so swing by for THURSty THURSday’s release of Wake Up Porter and then come back on Sunday afternoon to jam out to our friends Delirium Trio at 2pm.

Did You Know?  According to Buzzfeed, a doctor in the 1600s encouraged his patients to drink Cafe au Laits, which resulted in people adding milk to their coffees. And in Italy, espresso is such a vital part of daily life that it is regulated by the government.

On tap this week