Grisette Farmhouse Ale w/ Blackberries
4.0% abv |  20 ibu
stonefruit| blackberries| refreshing

We’re keeping it pretty simple this week with a laid-back line up with some fun, free activities for everyone to celebrate the first week of school. Don’t you deserve some relaxation, anyway?

When your kids are show you the latest drawings from art class, don’t you wish you could flex your creativity, too? You can! Wednesday night is our bi-weekly Go Figure Drawing Session with Sarah Pollock, a talented local artist. Bring some paper, pens/pencils, and have a good time!

We decided to switch it up a bit this week with a flavorful cask of our small batch, “Hope is Big.” If you didn’t get a chance to try this light and peppery farmhouse ale, you have one more chance to try it this week on THURSty THURSday! Refreshing with hints of stonefruit, the blackberry addition to the cask will add a piquant, juicy quality to the beer.

Come back on Saturday night and hang out with Laura Thurston, a regional musician who’s been a Birdsong staple since the early days. And, as always, live music is free to enjoy! Just grab a pint and chill out with some sweet tunes.

And, as if you needed another great excuse to swing by, we’re open on Monday for Labor Day! Join us 11am-8pm for some good vibes, great beer, and friendly faces for your day off.

Did You Know?  Blackberries are an aggregate fruit–not technically a “berry,”– composed of small druplets that form the overall fruit. Historically, they have been used for their medicinal value and there’s even folklore about eating the fruit after Old Michaelmas Day.