Grisette Farmhouse Ale
4.0% abv |  10 ibu
basil | yuzu | floral

We’ve got a lot going on this week, so here’s a quick outline of what to expect in the tap room:

TONIGHT you can Drink for a Cause benefiting The Humane Society of Charlotte’s Restaurants 4 Rescues program.  For each in-house beer you drink, we’ll be donating a portion of that sale to help our furry friends.

Come back TOMORROW for our FREE bi-weekly Go Figure Drawing Session with local artist, Sarah Pollack. Bring your art supplies and hang out for a couple hours honing your creative skills with some new friends!

“Stacy’s Mom” is coming to visit THURSty THURSday, along with another Drink for a Cause benefiting Junior Achievement. This week’s small batch is a refreshing Grisette with basil and yuzu fruit. It’s a little bit floral and peppery with a delightful citrus aroma. AND for every one of those you drink (and the other beers!) we’ll be donating to the evening’s non-profit!

Bonus: We’ve got a special small batch release coming out on SATURDAY to benefit Habitat for Humanity. One lucky auction winner got to make a beer with Conor and $1 from each pint of that batch will go back to Habitat. Try it this weekend and listen to some sweet tunes by local band Crystal Fountains at 4pm.

Did You Know?  A citrus fruit cultivated in Asia, the yuzu resembles a grapefruit in appearance with yellow or green skin. It’s typically consumed the way a lemon might be–through its zest or juice, rather than eaten whole.