Oatmeal Raisin Porter
8.5% abv |  25 ibu
oats | vanilla | cinnamon

This week at Birdsong we’re wealthy in beer and music (but technically that’s all the time!). Join us this THURSty THURSday for a special limited release of a fan favorite PLUS bring your favorite album for a BYOVinyl night. What’s going on every other day of the week? Only the best in food trucks, live music, and friendly faces at your neighborhood haunt!

Rich Girl Porter is finally back in action so all of your cookie-inspired dreams can come true this THURSty THURSday. Smooth and delicious with sweet hints of raisin, vanilla, and cinnamon spice, this beer isn’t quite as crumbly as the dessert, but it is just as delicious. We’ll be releasing this on tap and in cans starting at 3pm, so have one at the bar and then snag a 4-pack to savor later!

But the fun doesn’t end with the beer release! You might have seen Ira’s face in the tap room or out around the neighborhood but every 3rd Thursday she’s compiling a badass soundtrack of your favorite tunes for Bring Your Own Vinyl night. Stop by with your favorite album and queue it up with Ira while you enjoy a tasty bev and some food from our nightly food truck!

Did You Know? The song “Rich Girl” was the first #1 hit song of six from Hall and Oates that landed on the Billboard 100. It was actually written about a fast food chain heir, a man, but it didn’t sound right! The single’s B-side is “London, Luck & Love” and you can hear it here.