Classic Birdsong IPA w/ fresh jalapeรฑos
7.0% abv | 65ย ibu
hoppy | spicy | fan favoriteย 

If your new year’s resolutions involve having fun, hanging out with cool people, and drinking good beer we’ve got you covered for 2020. Not only do we still have some pretty yummy small batches on tap so you can chill out tonight for a low-key NYE, but we’re opening EARLY on Wednesday for our annual New Year’s Day bagel bar! The event is complete with bagels and coffee (while supplies last), mimosas, bloody beers, and live music by Josh Daniel at 12pm. Can’t make it that early? Start the year off creatively with FREE figure drawing at 7pm!

Buy guys, we had a little bit of a communication breakdown this week and we might need some help this THURSty THURSday! The brewers mixed up the batches so our classic West Coast-style IPA was accidentally dosed with fresh jalapeรฑos resulting in a hoppy, spicy concoction that’s pretty darn good if you ask us. BUT, we need help drinking it! It’ll be available for a limited time on Thursday, so get here while it lasts!

One last announcement: We are closing EARLY on Sunday, January 5 for our staff post-holiday party. Apologies for any inconvenience, but we’ll see you back on Tuesday!

Did You Know?ย  Mt. Everest has the highest elevation of any mountain (the peak is over 29,000 feet above sea level!), but Mauna Kea might be considered the world’s tallest including the base below sea level. Mauna Kea also houses the world’s largest astronomical observatory, which is pretty cool.