Double IPA with honey
8.9% abv | 80 ibu
honey | hoppy | fan favorite

The time has finally come! For weeks on end we’ve been asked by you–our wonderful beer-drinking family– when Honey Pie Double IPA is coming out. Well, your wait is almost over! By the time you read this, you’ll have roughly 50 hours left (0r 3,030 minutes, 181,800 seconds, or even a super small fraction in dog years) until you can get your hands on this sweet nectar of the gods.

What makes it so special? Not only do we add a liberal dose of hops (Columbus, Cascade, Chinook, and Centennial), but we also sweeten up the pot, so to speak, with honey from our friends at Cloister Honey.  The result is a double IPA with a bitter note that’s smoothed out by the honey. It’s been called amazing, fantastic, 100% delicious, and we can’t disagree.

Join us at 3pm for the release of Honey Pie! It’ll be on tap and in cans as long as supplies last, but we’re hoping this one will stick around for a little bit.

Did You Know?  Unlike the honey bee, the honey badger doesn’t make honey but enjoys eating it instead. Noted as the “most fearless animal” in the Guinness Book of World Records, the honey badger was the subject of a documentary “Masters of Mayhem” in which the animal raided fridges and scared people out of their homes. For a non-PC and NSFW “documentary,” visit YouTube here.