Russian Imperial Stout
10.5% abv | 60 ibu
smooth | two versions! | boozetown

If you can’t tell by now, we’re committed to making 2020 a great year. We started off with our annual New Year’s Day party and bagel bar, followed that up with the release of Honey Pie Double IPA (get it while it lasts!), and now we’re here with a packed week of beer, entertainment, and more.

This week’s THURSty THURSday features not one, but TWO, delicious versions of Prehistoric Dog, our Russian Imperial Stout. You can try the super yummy Booker’s Bourbon barrel-aged version from 2019 (we also had it at our anniversary party!) OR you can try the non-barreled version, which is just as fantastic albeit less booze-a-licious. For the truly adventurous, try both! (But have a safe ride home, y’all. Ask your beertender for a Lyft code.)

Other fun and FREE things?

Wednesday night’s Go Figure Drawing.
Thursday’s Bring Your Own Vinyl night.
Friday’s Drink for a Cause benefiting local non-profit Barre Belle.
Saturday’s FREE live music featuring Neal Carter.

Need more details? Check out the links!

Did You Know?  Archaeology is fascinating! Actual prehistoric dogs from the Cenozoic area (according to ThoughtCo.) include: the wolf-like Borophagus, the Dire Wolf (yep, that was real), the first “canid” Cynodictis, and the Hesperocyon, who resembled a giant weasel. Weird, but also cool. Check it out.