White Ale
5.0% abv | 15 ibu
tangerine | cardamom | clove

Someone tell Mother Nature it’s drunk and should go home! After weeks of warmer weather, we’re hitting cold temps again and, boy, is it chilly out there. I guess that makes it the perfect time for our latest limited release though, so we’re not complaining!

Dressed to Chill is your next go-to beer for hanging out in your jammies, partying with your friends, or chatting it up with cool people in our tap room. Light and palatable, with hints of winter spice (clove, cardamom, coriander) and a touch of tangerine oil, this beer has layers of depth. It’s aromatic, it’s yummy, and it can be yours on THURSty THURSday starting at 3pm!

If that’s not enough for ya, swing by on Friday night with your puppers for a fun and free costume contest! We’re working with our friends at bArctic and these gracious folks are offering to buy a beer for the first 20 customers who bring their dressed up pup for the contest! Prizes, cute animals, and fresh beer– what more could you ask for?

Did You Know?  The word “pajamas” originated from the Persian word “pay-jameh,” meaning leg garment. It was later adopted by Europeans, who at the time were colonizing India. They became more trendy in the late 1800s as men’s sleepwear. (Also, don’t go to Chicago and try to fish in your PJs– that’s illegal, according to Wikipedia.)