Stout with Cherries and Chocolate
6.2% abv | 20 ibu
sweet | smooth | cherry

Forget about teddy bears and roses– the best way to say I love you is with beer. Hear us out– back in the olden days beer was more popular than water, so giving that special someone an ale was basically a way of saying “I think you’re cool, please don’t die from weird bacteria.” **

The times aren’t as tough nowadays, but beer can still be your love language. Look at this week’s THURSty THURSday! After three years, “Let’s Get it On” is making a comeback like that cute guy from college who showed up on your FB feed. This smooth and rich brew has a pleasant chocolate flavor and ribbons of cherry cordial-like sweetness. It makes for a delightful drinking experience with none of the heartache.

What other things do we love? Well, we love the bi-weekly Go Figure Drawing Sessions on Wednesdays. Next session is tomorrow, so get here early before it fills up! We’re also loving “Cornercut,” a rich and tasty brownie stout that’s coming out on Sunday, February 16, for our annual President’s Day PJ Party! Come in your jammies, grab a pint, and relax! We’ll have music by Crystal Fountains at 1pm and a couple food trucks on site to satisfy your hunger.

Did You Know?  There’s a difference between like and love. According to some sciencey stuff, romantic love comes in the form of lust, attraction, and attachment. And somewhere amidst these stages is the “friendzone.” Can’t distinguish between them? Bianca said it best: “I like my Sketchers, but I love my Prada backpack.”

**That could have happened, but there’s no way to tell.