Irish Red
6.0% abv | 20 ibu
caramel | balanced | malty

Go Figure Drawing is back this Wednesday starting at 7pm! If you haven’t joined in on the fun, now’s a good time to flex those creative muscles and get to sketching! The bi-weekly event is FREE and fun, all you need to do is bring some paper, drawing implements, and grab yourself a beer.

This week for THURSty THURSday we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day just a smidge early with our Irish Red, “Okie from Muskogee.” While the song or the artist behind it have absolutely nothing to do with Ireland or Irish beer, we still think it makes a nice parallel for this simple, unpretentious beer. We stayed pretty true to form for Irish Red styles. “Okie” has beautiful copper-red coloring, a hint of caramelized sweetness, and a light touch of Noble hops for a seriously well-balanced drinking experience.

We also have a special treat this Saturday! Join us for The Castejons Spanish pop-up from 12-8pm. These Charleston-based folks offer up delicious Spanish cuisine like chicken croquetas, octopus, chorizo bowls, and so much more!

Did You Know? The holiday celebrating Saint Patrick begins way back in the 5th Century, when he was a missionary and bishop in Ireland. He was reportedly captured by Irish pirates (pirates!) and placed into servitude. Hagiographies also note that he went by other names: Magonus, Succetus, Cothirthiacus and, of course, Patricius. Wikipedia’s got some cool info on him. Check it out!