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1809, 2018

THURSty THURSday’s Hoppy Sour, Saturday’s special release, and FREE events this week!

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  STREET FIGHTER MAS Hoppy Sour ABV: 5.6%  |  IBU: 30 Your friends at Birdsong are a strange group of folks. On the whole, we like local food and drink, good music and hanging out [...]

1109, 2018

The Office Trivia tonight! Plus: Double Pumpkin Porter this THURSty THURSday!

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SPICE SPICE BABY Double Pumpkin Porter ABV: 8.0%  |  IBU: 10 Do you yearn for a Jim and Pam romance? Have an office nemesis like Dwight? If you love The Office just as much as [...]

409, 2018

THURSty THURSday: Dancing Days Gose, PLUS Wake Up Porter this Saturday!

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DANCING DAYS Gose ABV: 5.7%  |  IBU: 10 We're doubling up on releases again because our guys have been so hard at work we simply don't have the cooler space to house all these beers. [...]

2808, 2018

Celebrating the Queen of Soul with “Respect” Double IPA this weekend!

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RIDERS ON THE STORM Rum Barrel-aged Tripel w/ Brown Sugar and Ginger ABV: 8.7%  |  IBU: 30 Guys, to say we're excited about this week's beer releases doesn't quite cut it. We're more excited than [...]

2108, 2018

Elation Station ESB this THURsty THURSday!

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ELATION STATION ESB ABV: 6.5% Ever have one of those days where everything turns out perfectly and you even learn a few things?  Once upon a time, long before the craft beer craze, Tara and [...]

1408, 2018

Be Easy Berliner Weisse with Basil this THURSty THURSday!

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BE EASY Berliner Weisse infused with Basil ABV: 3.5%  |  IBU: 8 Did you miss Saturday's release of "Be Easy" Berliner Weisse? Shame on you! It was a big hit over the weekend and added some [...]

708, 2018

Take Flight with Mongeese on Monkeys this THURSty THURSday! Plus: Be Easy Berliner Weisse!

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MONGEESE ON MONKEYS Barrel-Aged Imperial Lazy Bird Brown ABV: 8.7%  |  IBU: 50 A few of you may not remember some of the Take Flight bottle releases from years back. True, some still make their way [...]

3107, 2018

New England DIPA, Women’s Health Day, and an Oatmeal Stout! PLUS: Sunday’s Nitro Float day!

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BLESS THIS MESS Oatmeal Stout ABV: 7.2%  |  IBU: 25 We've got a fun-filled weekend for you starting, of course, with THURSty THURSday's small batch. Even though Thursday isn't technically part of the weekend, it's close [...]

2407, 2018

Our beer is too “Bootylicious” for ya this THURSty THURSday!

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BOOTYLICIOUS Session White IPA ABV: 4.0%  |  IBU: 30 Over the last 10 weeks, you've spent your Sunday with us hanging out for brunch and, perhaps unbeknownst to you, supporting the 24 Foundation (formerly 24 Hours [...]

1707, 2018

Oui Oui! “La Vie en Lavender” small batch with Amelie’s this THURSty THURSday!

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  LA VIE EN LAVENDER Tart Ale w/ Lemon and Lavender ABV: 4.5%  |  IBU: 10 If we could appropriately express how excited we are about this week's THURSty THURSday small batch, we totally would. In [...]

1007, 2018

IPA Series #5 Misty Mountain Hop release this Saturday!

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LEAN ON ME Red Ale ABV: 5.6%  |  IBU: 35 Curious to know what's going on in the tap room this week? Let's find out! This Wednesday we're hosting our bi-weekly Go Figure Drawing Sessions with [...]

307, 2018

Trivia tonight, BBQ tomorrow and a sweet treat for THURSty THURSday!

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WORLD'S FAIR Chocolate Peanut Butter Blonde Stout ABV: 5.7%  |  IBU: 25 We're gearing up for an exciting week here at Birdsong, complete with fun events and a change up in our usual food truck schedule! [...]

2606, 2018

Figure Drawing this Wednesday, plus more chances to Drink for a Cause!

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FAKE PLASTIC TREES INFUSION w/ Eureka and Comet hops ABV: 6.4%  |  IBU: 40 Fake Plastic Trees is back! And this goodness is on tap and in cans, and boy is it yummy this year! With [...]

1906, 2018

Fake Plastic Trees is back! Plus opportunities to Drink for a Cause!

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DILLATUDE IPA ABV: 6.0%  |  IBU: 40 We've got a great THURSty THURSday small batch for you this week, plus plenty of opportunities to do good while you're hanging out in the tap room. Tonight, we're hosting [...]

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