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1804, 2017

Light, refreshing, and flavorful? Sounds like a THURSty THURSday at Birdsong with a Lemon Basil Saison!

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Rill Rill             Sour Saison with Lemon & Basil ABV: 6.1% IBU: 10 The song "Rill Rill" by Sleigh Bells is actually quite catchy once you listen to it a [...]

1104, 2017

Intergalactic ♥: Our Paradise City cask with Comet hops!

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Paradise City Cask with Comet hops ABV: 4.8% IBU: 45 After serving up about 10 different beers in the last month, we're a little wiped out! Charlotte Craft Beer Week was a super duper success [...]

604, 2017

It’s a “Big Country” out there, so you better drink up with our new beers this week!

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Big Country                  Altbier                           ABV: 6.0% IBU: 35 Whew! We made it to the month [...]

2803, 2017

Take the “Crazy Train” with us to “Paradise City” this week for our annual Spring Beak party!

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Crazy Train                 Paradise City Coffee IPA                        Session IPA ABV: 6.7%             [...]

1403, 2017

The week of two brews: Blood Orange IPA and Irish Dry Stout!

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My Bloody Valentine Blood Orange IPA ABV: 6.9% IBU:  50 Happy Valentine's Day! Oh wait. That was last month? Time sure does fly! Please pardon our tardiness but we really really really wanted to express [...]

703, 2017

We’re all shook up about “Jailhouse Rock” Belgian Dubbel this week!

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Jailhouse Rock Belgian Dubbel ABV: 6.0% IBU:  15 In our little corner of the world it can be easy to forget how wonderful North Carolina can be. James Taylor wrote a song about us (our state, [...]

103, 2017

Spring Seasonal Doin’ Thyme Wit is back!

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Doin' Thyme   Witbier ABV: 4.3% IBU:  15 Thyme was an essential part of Simon and Garfunkel's third studio album, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. The song from which it's named, "Scarborough Fair," is a [...]

2102, 2017

Third Local Music Beer Release with AMIGO! “Easy Rider” Blood Orange Sour

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Easy Rider     Blood Orange Sour ABV: 5.6% IBU:  40 What a weekend! The tap room was packed on Sunday for our President's Day Weekend PJ Party and, boy, what a turnout. So many [...]

1402, 2017

It takes two for a Valentine’s AND Thursty Thursday release!

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Tonight:                    Thursday: Let's Get It On          Say It To My Face Cherry Choc. Stout            Red Double IPA ABV: [...]

702, 2017

This THURSty THURSday: “Dark Star” Chai Stout makes its debut!

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Dark Star Chai Stout ABV: 7.0% IBU: 20 It's no secret that your friends at Birdsong are an interesting bunch. While some of us have some hidden talents (did you know Opie can juggle?) or [...]

202, 2017

Orange you glad we have a cask of Higher Ground this week?

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Higher Ground  Cask with oranges ABV: 7.0% IBU:  65 Over the last few weeks we've learned a lot. We've learned that y'all really love some IPAs. We've learned to hydrate while drinking said IPAs. And we've [...]

2401, 2017

Let us take you down to “Paradise City” for a Session IPA this week!

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Paradise City  Session IPA ABV: 4.8% IBU:  45 Great things happen when you least expect them. When you're unaware and minding your own beeswax, sudden genius can spark. Take, for example, the song "Paradise City" [...]

1701, 2017

Agave Sour this week PLUS more Honey Pie!

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Hey Nineteen  Agave Sour Mash ABV: 7.5% IBU:  10 There's always a compromise hidden among conflict. It's somewhere, but it's not always immediately discernible. It takes time, understanding, and a little give and take. At [...]

1101, 2017

Honey Pie is back! Celebrate with us this THURSty THURSday!

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Honey Pie Double IPA ABV: 8.9%  IBU:  80 Hello friends, This week the folks at Birdsong want to wish you good tidings for 2017. We already kicked it off with some resolutions (keep up the [...]

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