In 2010, Chris Goulet grew tired of the corporate grind and Tara Goulet was ready to take a break from managing a bread franchise. One of the other bakers from her company, Conor Robinson, was learning how to homebrew. Chris thought Charlotte was missing a small neighborhood brewery where folks could stop in for a pint or take home a growler of super-fresh, unfiltered, American-style ale. They invited a handful of close friends over to pitch a business plan and serve Conor’s beer, and the Birdsong Brewing Co. was born.

Birdsong started in 2011 with just two full-time employees. Since then, we’ve brewed all kinds of exciting beers. Thanks to the overwhelming response, we’ve since purchased a 17,000-square-foot building in the Belmont neighborhood with a new 30-barrel brewhouse and room for up to 1,200 barrels of fermentation capacity.

Our new taproom opened in April 2015, and we’re gearing up for another record-breaking year. The brewery has become what it is today thanks to hardworking, creative and passionate employees. At Birdsong, #CanDoWillDo is the philosophy behind what we brew, how we think and what we believe.

Charitable Contributions

We love getting involved with great causes and events! Priority is given to events and organizations based in Charlotte – because we live here!  We’re invested in supporting local nonprofits and community organizations with a focus on sustainability, arts and culture, community development, water conservation and preservation, environmental causes, and animal rescue. We prefer that organizations have 501(c)3 status.

Charitable Contribution Request Form

Co-founder, Michelle LeBeau

Without the drive of our founding partners, Birdsong Brewing wouldn’t be what it is today. It required patience, capital and, most of all, a lot of backbone. When Michelle asked Chris “So, are you gonna include me in this business, or what?!” it was a clear indication of her strength, tenacity and overall commitment to achieving something larger than herself.


Throughout her life, Michelle LeBeau made a tremendous impact on those who met her. She was intelligent, fearless, thoughtful and tough as hell. Her encouragement challenged everyone around her to become kinder and better. In 2011, Michelle founded the REACT Thyroid Foundation to raise awareness and research funding for this rare form of cancer. Michelle’s own battle with Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma lasted five years, ending in June 2015, but her legacy lives on.


It’s hard to put into words what she meant, when she achieved so much in such a short period of time. To those she knew and loved, the memories shared will last a lifetime. To those who never met her and might be reading this today, we hope that you’ll be inspired by her story—that of someone who never gave up, even in the face of adversity. We hope that throughout your day, you’ll bring some unfiltered joy into the lives around you. Michelle would want that.​

REACT Thyroid Foundation

 Sourcing Local

We are a Charlotte brewery, and have been involved in the craft beer scene and the community here since the beginning. We brew by a simple philosophy: let’s do our part for the environment and run our business conscientiously. 100% of our spent grain (and our peanut shells!) is utilized by a local cattle farm.

Our cans come from a North Carolina plant using aluminum, which is infinitely recyclable. We recycle all of our cardboard, glass and aluminum. We do our best to conserve water, as we know it’s a precious resource. The industry average is approximately 8 gallons of water to brew one gallon of beer–our ratio is 4:1.

80% of our production is draft beer and because kegs are returned to the brewery, draft has no throw away packaging (the ultimate reusable packaging). We work to minimize transport impact by keeping transactions local. We believe in a mindful approach — both environmentally and economically. Our bottom line isn’t our only guiding principle.

The Team

Alex – Production

Ben – Partner

Brittany – Tap Room

Casey – Distribution

Chandra – Events

Chris – El Presidente

Christine – Sales

Coleman – Distribution

Conor – Head Brewer

Demetri – Merchandising

Hunter – Production

Jack – Distribution

Jackie – Partner

Jacob – Tap Room

Jeff – Lead Brewer

Jenny – Sales

Joe – Merchandising

Jon – Head of Distribution

JP – Tap Room Manager

Justin – Tap Room

Karen – Tap Room

Lauren – Tap Room

Lee – Sales

Lisa – Private Events

Marc – Production

Michael – Tours

Ryan – Sales

Tara – Head of Sales

Tina – Partner

Tom – Partner

Tooley – Distribution

Meagan – Sales

Opie – Facilities